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Itching, licking, chewing, rubbing, red skin, secondary skin infections, ear infections, anal gland issues are all common signs of allergies in dogs and cats.

There are several different types of allergies in animals, including (but not limited to):

  • Atopic dermatitis, also know as environmental allergies! This type of allergy occurs when an animal becomes hypersensitive to something in the environment such as a cleaner, dust, pollen or mould, etc.

  • Food-Allergic Dermatitis: This type of allergy occurs when an animal becomes hypersensitive or intolerant to an ingredient in their diet

  • Insect Bite Allergies: This type of allergy occurs when a dog becomes hypersensitive to a bite from an insect such as a mosquito or flea

 Allergies often lead to secondary bacterial and/or yeast infections on the skin and ears that need to be treated.  Unfortunately, there are no cures for allergies, however there are many avenues to explore to help manage the symptoms and treat any secondary issues that may arise. 

Please see all the attached handouts for more information on the different kinds of allergies and what options we have for treatment.  If you suspect that your pet may have allergies of any kind, please contact the clinic at 780-594-5212 to set up a consultation with a veterinarian to discuss it. 

Allergies can be very frustrating to manage so a team-based approach is very needed. It is very important to keep in mind that it is often a case of trial and error until we find what is going to work best for your pet.  Just like people, animals have all different kinds of allergies so what works for one animal, may not work for another.

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