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Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic - Cremation 

Options for After-Care:

1.) At-Home Burial: You can take your pet home to bury as long as you bury at least 6 feet underground, as per local bylaws.

2.) Private Cremation: This option refers to your pets ashes being returned to you.  The cost is $150 - $270 + GST (dependent on size).
** Prices for private cremation are established by Primrose Crematorium

3.) Group Cremation: Alternatively, you can let the clinic take care of remains for you. This option you do NOT get your pets ashes returned
to you. The cost for group cremation is dependent on size, it can range from $60 - $130 + GST under 100lbs. If the pet is larger than 100lbs,
the price is increased to $1 per pound of body weight + a $30 base rate. 
**Prices for group cremation are established by Primrose Crematorium. 

4.) Donate to Lakeland College: You are also able to donate your pet's remains to Lakeland College, for no charge. If interested, please ask
our staff for more information. 

**If you do get ashes back, they come back in what we call a "scatter bag" which is a sealed satin cloth bag.  If you would like to purchase an urn
through us, we can order directly through Primrose Pet Crematorium (see booklet with urn prices here) or you can order from our online store. 
Once in the store, you need to first register as a user, and then wait for the welcome email.  Once registered, you will be able to see pricing
($45-$350 depending on size and style.) When you place the order for the urn, have it delivered to the clinic and we will place the ashes in it for you
and notify you when the ashes are ready to be picked up. 

Our cremation services are provided by Primrose Pet Crematorium. Primrose currently has a limited supply of urns at this time.
Please discuss options with our staff if you have any questions.