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Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic - Euthanasia Information


What to expect for the procedure:

**COVID PROTOCOL:  In order to continue to be able to provide this service to the community, we have made some changes to keep clients and staff safe during this difficult time.

We will allow 2 family members at a time into the building to be present for the procedure if you choose.  Owners (as well as all staff members) MUST wear a mask THE ENTIRE TIME they are inside the clinic.  Please call from the parking lot when you are here for your appointment and we will ensure the room is prepared prior to bringing you inside.

Once you are in the room, we will get the logistics out of the way first:  we will have you sign the consent form, discuss what you want for after care options and then take payment.

The Procedure:
We will be using recommended social distancing protocols, ie. staying 6 feet apart at all times, throughout the procedure.  First we will take your pet out of the room momentarily to our treatment area to administer an injection of sedation medications and your pet will be returned to you.  Please use the time while your pet becomes heavily sedated and unaware to say your final goodbyes and then we will kindly ask you to leave the clinic.  The euthanasia procedure will then be completed humanely and quickly.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 780-594-5212.

The cost of the euthanasia procedure itself is $100 + GST.

Options for Care of Remains:

1.) You can take your pet home to bury as long as you bury at least 5 feet underground, as per local bylaws.

2.) You can have private cremation where you get your pet's ashes back.  The cost is $135 - $240 + GST dependent on size.

3.) You can have the clinic take care of remains.  The cost is $45 or $75 + GST dependent on size.

**If you do get ashes back, they come back in what we call a "scatter bag" which is a sealed cloth bag.  If you would like to purchase an urn through us, we can order directly through Primrose Pet Crematorium (see booklet with urn prices here) or you can order from our online store.  Once in the store, you need to first register as a user, and then wait for the welcome email.  Once registered, you will be able to see pricing ($30-$300 depending on size and style.) When you place the order for the urn, have it delivered to the clinic and we will place the ashes in it for you and notify you when the ashes are ready to be picked up.  

Our cremation services are provided by Primrose Pet Crematorium.


We offer clay disk paw imprints for $150 + GST.  The artistry is done by Peartree Impressions in Calgary, and other samples of their work can be found at

Quality of Life Questionnaires:

To help you decide what level of Quality of Life your pet currently has, and to track how things are progressing, please access one of the questionnaires below.  There is also an app called Grey Muzzle that can be helpful for tracking any changes in your pet day by day.

How to assess pain in dogs:  BEAP Pain Scale for Dogs

How to assess pain in cats:  Feline Grimace Scale

Euthanasia COVID Brochure

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet: Help your Child Understand

Memorial Glass Pendant

An Alberta-based business that can make a beautiful memorial glass pendant using a small amount of your pet's ashes:   Glass House Experience 

Please visit their website to deal with them directly once we have returned your pet's ashes to you.

Glass House Experience Pet Memorial Pendant