Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic

5404 55th Street
Cold Lake, AB T9M 1R5


Cattle and Other Ruminant Services

Herd Health:

We offer herd testing for pregnancy and semen evaluation in cattle, bison and elk.  We are also happy to help set up a vaccination protocol for breeding and feeder animals to prevent pneumonia and abortion. 

Sick Animal and Emergency Services:

Large animal services are provided on farm during regular hours and after hours if needed.  Large animals must be confined to an appropriate chute for examinations and surgery.  Calves and small ruminants can be examined on farm or at the clinic in a trailer or truck.  Please have animals safely confined in your vehicle or trailer before bringing them into town.  We DO NOT have facilities to examine large animals at our clinic in town.  Please call the clinic if you have any questions regarding the care of your large ruminants.