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Veterinarian Employment Opportunities


Currently hiring

The Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic is looking to add 1-2 new veterinarians to their team to replace one associate that is leaving with her partner and a second to expand our practice.  We have hired new grads in the past from Saskatoon, Calgary and PEI and enjoy mentoring new and old grads that need it.  

We primarily provide small animal services but also provide bovine ambulatory services to some wonderful clients on farm.  New hires are welcome to do bovine work if they are interested but this is not a requirement if you are only interested in small animal work.  

Reasons our clinic is a great place to start (or continue) your career:

  • We have a strict “No Drama” policy that applies to vets, support staff and clients 
    • Rest assured that you will be joining a team that is supportive and enjoys their workplace.
    • We emphasize client communication and have no drama over billing or client expectations.

- We are in a small city that provides a great lifestyle outside of work, but we are far enough away from the big cities that we get to provide services that might normally be referred if you practiced in a large city.  

    • You will be able to learn how to handle major surgeries such as pyometras, GDV’s, foreign bodies, and cystotomies.
    • We do 3-6 routine procedures and a full dental with radiology every day so there are lots of opportunities to get surgical time.
    • We do TTA’s and extra capsular repair of cruciate injuries and are working on developing a rehab program at our facility (one vet and one tech working on certification through U of Tennessee). 
    • We work up major medical cases, do behaviour consults and abdominal ultrasounds.  

- Our clients care deeply for their pets and they have the financial ability to provide a good level of care.

    • The opportunity to learn basic and not-so-basic procedures in this practice are many.  This is not a boring place to work.

- We have all the fancy equipment, electronic record keeping and client communication tools and are expanding into a new facility in the spring of 2022

- We have a very generous CE allowance that has allowed each associate and technician to develop their own areas of interest.

Reasons why Cold Lake is a great place to live

  • We are a city of 14000 people in northeastern Alberta located 1.5 hours north of Lloydminster and 3 hours from Edmonton. 
  • Cost of living is affordable and the area is full of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  If you like hiking, fishing, quadding, biking, riding, hunting, kayaking, swimming or otherwise being outdoors, this is the place for you.  We have really good infrastructure in our city with new recreation facilities, several ice rinks, a wonderful beach area, trail systems, skate parks and motocross facilities.  There is an agility club and lots of trail areas for dog lovers and you could afford to keep a horse and use the local riding arena if you enjoy horses. 

- All associates work a 4 day work week and we are flexible in our scheduling to meet each team members’ needs.  We encourage a good work-life balance and look to encourage a love of the industry. 

- We do share call coverage equally and do not dump undesirable call coverage, clients or responsibilities on the new guy. We are using Animal Health Link to triage all emergency calls so you will only be contacted if needed - no answering questions or discussing non-urgent matters after hours as this will be handled by a team of Registered Animal Health Technologist.

- Compensation includes AbVMA dues, VIN and Vetgirl memberships, generous CE allowance of $2500 and 5 days per year, health benefits and cell phone for on-call and personal use.  

If you would be interested in starting off (or continuing) your career in a great workplace, please call or email for more info.

Dr. Brooke Cory

Cold Lake Vet Clinic

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