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Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic - Pawprint Options

Ink Pawprints

We offer free ink pawprints and/or nose prints

Buck    Buck 2



Peartree Impressions                                                                                                           Peartree Impression

We also offer clay memorial paw imprints for $170 + GST.  The artistry is done by Peartree Impressions in Calgary,

and other samples of their work can be found at

You can also visit their website at 

*Costs are set by Peartree Impressions

The Peartree impression allows you to choose the colour options for both the background and the imprint(s) themselves.
They can be among the many colours Peartree has to offer, or you can have the impression customized to your pets colouring
or pattern (which includes fur or eye colour). 

The impression includes the following options:

1. Pets Name (please confirm proper spelling with our staff)

2. Additional Words: this can be (but not limited to) dates, nicknames, a "heart" ♡

3. Imprint & Background Colour

4. Nail Marks: to be kept or not

5. Hole for Hanging: Peartree can drill a hole in the top of the impression for hanging, otherwise it will come in a case that you can prop up