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Cold Lake Veterinary Clinic - Euthanasia

Making the Decisiondog

 A dignified, painless passing can be our final gift to a devoted companion.  However, euthanasia is undoubtedly the most difficult
and heartbreaking decision any pet owner will ever have to make.   When is it time to let go? Is there a right time?  The decision-making
process is different for every pet and every owner. 

Your veterinarian can examine and evaluate your pets’ condition, estimate its chances for recovery, explain medical and surgical options
(and associated costs) and discuss potential disabilities, outcomes, and long-term problems.   If there is any part of the diagnosis or
implications for your pet’s future that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask to have it explained again. It may be helpful to follow
these steps:

  • Collect all pertinent information regarding the illness and treatment options
  • Ask about symptoms, how they may progress, and what can be done to manage them to maintain an acceptable quality-of-life.
  • If prudent, seek a second opinion.  More options may become available, or the same diagnosis from another source may affirm
    you are doing the best
  • As a decision-making aid, access the quality-of-life questions found at the links noted in this brochure
  • Try not to avoid the inevitable. Rather, think things through to plan for best- and worst-case scenarios.
  • Spend more time with your pet! Celebrate life and the bond you have together. Capture moments and memories in pictures or
    words as best you can
  • Discuss what you would like to do regarding after-care to be prepared when the time comes.

Booking the Appointment

We understand what an emotional roller coaster this can be for pet owners.  An appointment for euthanasia can generally be fit into
our schedule at any time.  Once the decision has been made, we don’t want you or your pet to have to wait.  We do appreciate that
you call to book an appointment prior to coming in so that we can have a room prepared for you. 

It’s not uncommon for owners to book a euthanasia appointment, but then cancel and reschedule.  This is not at all an inconvenience
to the clinic, and we are here to help accommodate your needs and wishes in this regard. 

The Check-In Process:  


Please call from the parking lot when you are here for your appointment, and we will ensure the room is prepared prior to bringing you
and your pet inside. Once you are in the room, we will get the logistics out of the way first:  we will discuss the after-care options with you,
we will have you sign the consent form and then we will take payment.


The Procedure:

Once you and/or the family are ready, we will administer an injection of sedative medications. These sedatives usually take between
5 to 15 minutes for your pet to be settled and sedate, and they will no longer be in any discomfort or pain. Once they are sedate, our staff
will place an IV catheter. From there, you are more than welcome to spend more time saying good-bye to your beloved companion, and
when you are ready the veterinarian will proceed with the final injections of Alfaxan and Euthanyl.

You are more than welcome to stay for the entire procedure, however if you are unable to be present or only want to be present until your
beloved pet is sedated, this is understandable and one of our staff members can be with your pet during the rest of the procedure.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 780-594-5212.


If your pet should happen to take a sudden turn for the worse after-hours, please call the clinic number above and you will automatically be transferred to our emergency services line.